Vision ‘’Shin-ichi, more than just blinds”Shin-ichi is commited to provide value beyond the product itself, ensuring that Shin-ichi will become an exprience for both stakeholders and consumers


Mission: "Dedication, Perseverance, Creativity and Loyalty” It Has Become Our passion to constantly improve and stay ahead as to provide stakeholders and consumers with the best that Shin-ichi can offer.



Shin-Ichi started of from awning company in 1976. Through dedication and perseverance the company steadily grew, expanding its service and product range. we differentiate ourselves by providing consumers with the best product range and service that suits every consumer’s unique needs. Progressively, through the continuously support from our thousands of loyal costumers from all regions of Indonesia Shin-Ichi grew to be one of the strongest major player in the market.

To date, Shin-Ichi has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our products are derived from the best materials that are carefully selected from dedicated local as well as overseas business partners. Our highly trained staffs ensures that Shin-Ichi provide the best solutions to every consumer’s needs.

Shin-Ichi continuous improvement program will ensure that we will stay ahead in the market, adapting to every changes in the market to ensure that only the best is offered to the market thus ensuring the wellbeing of the stakeholders and consumers.